Criteria For:

Business and Marketing Essentials - Level 3

Business and Marketing Essentials - Level 3

Badge holder demonstrated understanding and skills in areas that include customer relations, economics, financial analysis, human resources management, marketing, information management, operations, and strategic management.

Instructional Area: Customer Relations (CR)

Standard: Understands the techniques and strategies used to foster positive, ongoing relationships with customers

Performance Element: Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company image.

Performance Indicators:
CR:003 Explain the nature of positive customer relations  (CS) LAP-CR-001

Instructional Area: Economics (EC)

Standard: Understands the economic principles and concepts fundamental to business operations

Performance Element: Understand fundamental economic concepts to obtain a foundation for employment in business.

Performance Indicators:
EC:002 Distinguish between economic goods and services  (CS) LAP-EC-010
EC:003 Explain the concept of economic resources  (CS) LAP-EC-014
EC:001 Describe the concepts of economics and economic activities  (CS) LAP-EC-006
EC:004 Determine economic utilities created by business activities  (CS) LAP-EC-013
EC:005 Explain the principles of supply and demand  (CS) LAP-EC-011
EC:006 Describe the functions of prices in markets  (CS) LAP-EC-012

Performance Element: Understand the nature of business to show its contributions to society.

Performance Indicators:
EC:070 Explain the role of business in society  (CS) LAP-EC-070
EC:071 Describe types of business activities  (CS) LAP-EC-019

Performance Element: Understand economic systems to be able to recognize the environments in which businesses function.

Performance Indicators:
EC:007 Explain the types of economic systems  (CS) LAP-EC-017
EC:009 Explain the concept of private enterprise  (CS) LAP-EC-015
EC:010 Identify factors affecting a business's profit  (CS) LAP-EC-002
EC:011 Determine factors affecting business risk  (CS) LAP-EC-003
EC:012 Explain the concept of competition  (CS) LAP-EC-008

Instructional Area: Financial Analysis (FI)

Standard: Understands tools, strategies, and systems used to maintain, monitor, control, and plan the use of financial resources

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational knowledge of accounting to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
FI:579 Describe the need for financial information  (CS) LAP-FI-009
FI:085 Explain the concept of accounting  (CS) LAP-FI-005

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational knowledge of finance to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
FI:354 Explain the role of finance in business  (CS) LAP-FI-007

Instructional Area: Human Resources Management (HR)

Standard: Understands the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses use to plan, staff, lead, and organize its human resources

Performance Element: Understand the role and function of human resources management to obtain a foundational knowledge of its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
HR:410 Discuss the nature of human resources management  (CS) LAP-HR-035

Instructional Area: Marketing (MK)

Standard: Understands the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses use to create exchanges and satisfy organizational objectives

Performance Element: Understand marketing's role and function in business to facilitate economic exchanges with customers.

Performance Indicators:
MK:001 Explain marketing and its importance in a global economy  (CS) LAP-MK-004

Instructional Area: Information Management (NF)

Standard: Understands tools, strategies, and systems needed to access, process, maintain, evaluate, and disseminate information to assist business decision-making

Performance Element: Use information literacy skills to increase workplace efficiency and effectiveness.

Performance Indicators:
NF:077 Assess information needs  (CS)
NF:078 Obtain needed information efficiently  (CS)
NF:079 Evaluate quality and source of information  (CS)
NF:080 Apply information to accomplish a task  (CS)
NF:081 Store information for future use  (CS)

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational knowledge of information management to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
NF:110 Discuss the nature of information management  (CS) LAP-NF-003

Performance Element: Utilize information-technology tools to manage and perform work responsibilities.

Performance Indicators:
NF:003 Identify ways that technology impacts business  (PQ) LAP-NF-004
NF:083 Explain the role of information systems  (PQ)
NF:084 Discuss principles of computer systems  (PQ)
NF:085 Use basic operating systems  (PQ)
NF:086 Describe the scope of the Internet  (PQ)
NF:004 Demonstrate basic e-mail functions  (PQ)
NF:005 Demonstrate personal information management/productivity applications  (PQ)
NF:006 Demonstrate basic web-search skills  (PQ)
NF:007 Demonstrate basic word processing skills  (PQ)
NF:008 Demonstrate basic presentation applications  (PQ)
NF:009 Demonstrate basic database applications  (PQ)
NF:010 Demonstrate basic spreadsheet applications  (PQ)

Instructional Area: Operations (OP)

Standard: Understands the processes and systems implemented to monitor, plan, and control the day-to-day activities required for continued business functioning

Performance Element: Understand operation's role and function in business to value its contribution to a company.

Performance Indicators:
OP:189 Explain the nature of operations  (CS) LAP-OP-189

Instructional Area: Professional Development (PD)

Standard: Understands concepts, tools, and strategies used to explore, obtain, and develop in a business career

Performance Element: Acquire self-development skills to enhance relationships and improve efficiency in the work environment.

Performance Indicators:
PD:018 Set personal goals  (CS) LAP-PD-016

Performance Element: Utilize critical-thinking skills to determine best options/outcomes.

Performance Indicators:
PD:126 Explain the need for innovation skills  (CS) LAP-PD-018
PD:017 Make decisions  (CS) LAP-PD-010
PD:077 Demonstrate problem-solving skills  (CS) LAP-PD-017

Performance Element: Participate in career planning to enhance job-success potential.

Performance Indicators:
PD:013 Assess personal interests and skills needed for success in business  (PQ)
PD:020 Analyze employer expectations in the business environment  (PQ)
PD:021 Explain the rights of workers  (PQ)
PD:022 Identify sources of career information  (CS)
PD:023 Identify tentative occupational interest  (CS)
PD:025 Explain employment opportunities in business  (CS) LAP-PD-015

Performance Element: Implement job-seeking skills to obtain employment.

Performance Indicators:
PD:026 Utilize job-search strategies  (PQ)
PD:027 Complete a job application  (PQ)
PD:028 Interview for a job  (PQ)
PD:029 Write a follow-up letter after job interviews  (CS)
PD:030 Write a letter of application  (CS)
PD:031 Prepare a résumé  (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize career-advancement activities to enhance professional development.

Performance Indicators:
PD:032 Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer activities, internships)  (PQ)
PD:033 Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker  (PQ)
PD:034 Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs  (PQ)

Instructional Area: Strategic Management (SM)

Standard: Understands tools, techniques, and systems that affect a business's ability to plan, control, and organize an organization/department

Performance Element: Recognize management's role to understand its contribution to business success.

Performance Indicators:
SM:001 Explain the concept of management  (CS) LAP-SM-003