Criteria For:

Introduction to Management - Standard - Level 3

Introduction to Management - Standard - Level 3

Badge holder demonstrated understanding and skills in areas that include business law, communication skills, customer relations, economics, emotional intelligence, human resources management, operations, professional development, strategic management, knowledge management, and quality management.

Instructional Area: Business Law (BL)

Standard: Understands business's responsibility to know, abide by, and enforce laws and regulations that affect business operations and transactions

Performance Element: Apply knowledge of business ownership to establish and continue business operations.

Performance Indicators:
BL:003 Explain types of business ownership (CS) LAP-BL-001

Instructional Area: Communication Skills (CO)

Standard: Understands the concepts, strategies, and systems used to obtain and convey ideas and information

Performance Element: Read to acquire meaning from written material and to apply the information to a task.

Performance Indicators:
CO:057 Analyze company resources to ascertain policies and procedures (CS)

Performance Element: Apply verbal skills to obtain and convey information.

Performance Indicators:
CO:084 Employ communication styles appropriate to target audience (CS)
CO:061 Defend ideas objectively (CS)
CO:114 Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner (CS)
CO:053 Participate in group discussions (CS) LAP-QS-029

Instructional Area: Customer Relations (CR)

Standard: Understands the techniques and strategies used to foster positive, ongoing relationships with customers

Performance Element: Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company image.

Performance Indicators:
CR:004 Demonstrate a customer-service mindset (CS) LAP-CR-004
CR:029 Develop rapport with customers (CS)
CR:005 Reinforce service orientation through communication (CS)
CR:006 Respond to customer inquiries (CS)
CR:019 Adapt communication to the cultural and social differences among clients (CS)
CR:007 Interpret business policies to customers/clients (CS)

Performance Element: Resolve conflicts with/for customers to encourage repeat business.

Performance Indicators:
CR:009 Handle difficult customers (CS) LAP-CR-009
CR:010 Handle customer/client complaints (CS) LAP-CR-010

Performance Element: Reinforce company’s image to exhibit the company’s brand promise.

Performance Indicators:
CR:001 Identify company’s brand promise (CS) LAP-CR-006
CR:002 Determine ways of reinforcing the company’s image through employee performance (CS)

Performance Element: Understand the nature of customer relationship management to show its contributions to a company.

Performance Indicators:
CR:016 Discuss the nature of customer relationship management (SP) LAP-CR-016

Instructional Area: Economics (EC)

Standard: Understands the economic principles and concepts fundamental to business operations

Performance Element: Understand the nature of business to show its contributions to society.

Performance Indicators:
EC:138 Describe types of business models (SP)
EC:103 Explain the organizational design of businesses (SP) LAP-EC-023
EC:104 Discuss the global environment in which businesses operate (SP) LAP-EC-022
EC:105 Describe factors that affect the business environment (SP) LAP-EC-026
EC:106 Explain the nature of business ethics (SP) LAP-EC-021
EC:107 Explain how organizations adapt to today’s markets (SP) LAP-EC-025

Performance Element: Acquire knowledge of the impact of government on business activities to make informed economic decisions.

Performance Indicators:
EC:008 Determine the relationship between government and business (CS) LAP-EC-016
EC:072 Describe the nature of taxes (SP) LAP-EC-027

Performance Element: Analyze cost/profit relationships to guide business decision-making.

Performance Indicators:
EC:013 Explain the concept of productivity (CS) LAP-EC-018

Instructional Area: Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Standard: Understands techniques, strategies, and systems used to foster self-understanding and enhance relationships with others

Performance Element: Apply ethics to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Performance Indicators:
EI:075 Take responsibility for decisions and actions (PQ)
EI:077 Manage commitments in a timely manner (CS)

Instructional Area: Human Resources Management (HR)

Standard: Understands the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses use to plan, staff, lead, and organize its human resources

Performance Element: Understand the role and function of human resources management to obtain a foundational knowledge of its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
HR:410 Discuss the nature of human resources management (CS) LAP-HR-035 —Review if Business and Marketing Essentials course used

Instructional Area: Operations (OP)

Standard: Understands the processes and systems implemented to monitor, plan, and control the day-to-day activities required for continued business functioning

Performance Element: Adhere to health and safety regulations to support a safe work environment.

Performance Indicators:
OP:004 Describe health and safety regulations in business (PQ)
OP:005 Report noncompliance with business health and safety regulations (PQ)

Performance Element: Implement safety procedures to minimize loss.

Performance Indicators:
OP:006 Follow instructions for use of equipment, tools, and machinery (PQ)
OP:007 Follow safety precautions (PQ)
OP:008 Maintain a safe work environment (CS)
OP:009 Explain procedures for handling accidents (CS)
OP:010 Handle and report emergency situations (CS)

Performance Element: Implement security policies/procedures to minimize chance for loss.

Performance Indicators:
OP:013 Explain routine security precautions (CS)
OP:152 Follow established security procedures/policies (CS)
OP:153 Protect company information and intangibles (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize project management skills to improve workflow and minimize costs.

Performance Indicators:
OP:158 Explain the nature of project management (SP) LAP-OP-006

Performance Element: Implement purchasing activities to obtain business supplies, equipment, and services.

Performance Indicators:
OP:015 Explain the nature and scope of purchasing (CS) LAP-OP-002
OP:016 Place orders/reorders (CS)
OP:031 Maintain inventory of supplies (CS)
OP:250 Describe types of purchase orders (CS)
OP:336 Discuss types of inventory (CS)

Performance Element: Understand production’s role and function in business to recognize its need in an organization.

Performance Indicators:
OP:017 Explain the concept of production (CS) LAP-OP-004

Performance Element: Maintain work flow to enhance productivity.

Performance Indicators:
OP:228 Organize and prioritize work (CS)
OP:230 Coordinate work with that of team members (CS)

Instructional Area: Professional Development (PD)

Standard: Understands concepts, tools, and strategies used to explore, obtain, and develop in a business career

Performance Element: Understand and follow company rules and regulations to maintain employment.

Performance Indicators:
PD:251 Follow rules of conduct (CS)
PD:252 Follow chain of command (CS)

Instructional Area: Strategic Management (SM)

Standard: Understands tools, techniques, and systems that affect a business's ability to plan, control, and organize an organization/department

Performance Element: Recognize management’s role to understand its contribution to business success.

Performance Indicators:
SM:001 Explain the concept of management (CS) LAP-SM-003 —Review if Business and Marketing Essentials course used
SM:063 Discuss the nature of managerial planning (SP)
SM:064 Explain managerial considerations in organizing (SP)
SM:065 Describe managerial considerations in staffing (SP) LAP-SM-004)
SM:066 Discuss managerial considerations in directing (SP)
SM:004 Describe the nature of managerial control (control process, types of control, what is controlled) (SP)
SM:002 Explain the nature of managerial ethics (MN)

Performance Element: Utilize planning tools to guide organization’s/department’s activities.

Performance Indicators:
SM:007 Explain the nature of business plans (MN) LAP-SM-007

Performance Element: Identify potential business threats and opportunities to protect a business’s financial well-being.

Performance Indicators:
SM:075 Explain the nature of risk management (SP) LAP-FI-008

Instructional Area: Knowledge Management (KM)

Standard: Understands the systems, strategies, and techniques used to collect, organize, analyze, and share information known in an organization

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational understanding of knowledge management to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
KM:001 Explain the nature of knowledge management (SP) KM-LAP-001

Instructional Area: Quality Management (QM)

Standard: Understands the need for standards and the strategies and techniques used to implement, monitor, and evaluate them

Performance Element: Understand the role and function of quality management to obtain a foundational knowledge of its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
QM:001 Explain the nature of quality management (SP) LAP-QM-001