Criteria For:

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership

Badge holder demonstrated understanding of concepts and skills essential for ethical leadership, including: ethical principles; critical thinking; goal setting; self-awareness; communication; interpersonal relations; teamwork; and basic project-management techniques.

Business Law (BL)

Standard: Understands business’s responsibility to know, abide by, and enforce laws and regulations that affect business operations and transactions

Performance Element: Acquire foundational knowledge of business laws and regulations to understand their nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
BL:163 Comply with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations  (CS) LAP-BL-163


Communication Skills (CO)

Standard: Understands the concepts, strategies, and systems used to obtain and convey ideas and information

Performance Element: Apply active listening skills to demonstrate understanding of what is being said.

Performance Indicators:
CO:017 Demonstrate active listening skills  (PQ) LAP-CO-017


Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Standard: Understands techniques, strategies, and systems used to foster self-understanding and enhance relationships with others

Performance Element: Foster self-understanding to recognize the impact of personal feelings on others.

Performance Indicators:
EI:001 Describe the nature of emotional intelligence  (PQ) LAP-EI-001
EI:017 Recognize and overcome personal biases and stereotypes  (PQ) LAP-EI-139
EI:002 Assess personal strengths and weaknesses  (PQ) LAP-EI-017
EI:126 Assess personal behavior and values  (PQ) LAP-EI-126

Performance Element: Apply ethics to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Performance Indicators:
EI:022 Demonstrate honesty and integrity  (PQ) LAP-EI-138
EI:021 Demonstrate responsible behavior  (PQ) LAP-EI-021
EI:127 Demonstrate fairness  (PQ) LAP-EI-127
EI:091 Assess risks of personal decisions  (PQ) LAP-EI-091
EI:075 Take responsibility for decisions and actions  (PQ) LAP-EI-075
EI:128 Build trust in relationships  (CS) LAP-EI-128
EI:123 Describe the nature of ethics  (CS) LAP-EI-123
EI:124 Explain reasons for ethical dilemmas  (CS) LAP-EI-124
EI:125 Recognize and respond to ethical dilemmas  (CS) LAP-EI-125

Performance Element: Exhibit techniques to manage emotional reactions to people and situations.

Performance Indicators:
EI:003 Explain the use of feedback for personal growth  (PQ) LAP-EI-903

Performance Element: Identify with others' feelings, needs, and concerns to enhance interpersonal relations.

Performance Indicators:
EI:030 Show empathy for others  (PQ) LAP-EI-030
EI:033 Exhibit cultural sensitivity  (CS) LAP-EI-033

Performance Element: Use communication skills to foster open, honest communications.

Performance Indicators:
EI:007 Explain the nature of effective communications  (PQ) LAP-EI-140
EI:129 Foster open, honest communication  (SP) LAP-EI-129

Performance Element: Implement teamwork techniques to accomplish goals.

Performance Indicators:
EI:045 Participate as a team member  (CS) LAP-EI-045

Performance Element: Employ leadership skills to achieve workplace objectives.

Performance Indicators:
EI:009 Explain the concept of leadership  (CS) LAP-EI-909
EI:131 Explain the nature of ethical leadership  (CS) LAP-EI-131
EI:132 Model ethical behavior  (CS) LAP-EI-132
EI:063 Determine personal vision  (CS) LAP-EI-063
EI:133 Inspire others  (CS) LAP-EI-133
EI:027 Develop an achievement orientation  (CS) LAP-EI-027
EI:060 Enlist others in working toward a shared vision  (CS) LAP-EI-060

Performance Element: Manage internal and external business relationships to foster positive interactions.

Performance Indicators:
EI:036 Treat others with dignity and respect  (PQ) LAP-EI-036
EI:037 Foster positive working relationships  (CS) LAP-EI-037
EI:137 Assess long-term value and impact of actions on others  (SP) LAP-EI-137


Operations (OP)

Standard: Understands the processes and systems implemented to monitor, plan, and control the day-to-day activities required for continued business functioning

Performance Element: Utilize project management skills to improve workflow and minimize costs.

Performance Indicators:
OP:519 Plan project  (CS) LAP-OP-519
OP:520 Monitor projects and take corrective actions  (CS) LAP-OP-520
OP:521 Evaluate project success  (CS) LAP-OP-521


Professional Development (PD)

Performance Element: Acquire self-development skills to enhance relationships and improve efficiency in the work environment.

Performance Indicators:
PD:018 Set personal goals  (CS) LAP-PD-016

Performance Element: Understand and follow company rules and regulations to maintain employment.

Performance Indicators:
PD:251 Follow rules of conduct  (CS) LAP-PD-251

Performance Element: Utilize critical-thinking skills to determine best options/outcomes.

Performance Indicators:
PD:017 Make decisions  (CS) LAP-PD-017
PD:077 Demonstrate problem-solving skills  (CS) LAP-PD-077